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About Us

TeamTask was formed to meet the growing needs of online communities looking for a home.  There are lots of great open-source software solutions that provide communities for people but you still must pay money for a place to host your web site.  It is also really difficult to find an integrated host of solutions that meet all needs of a community.

TeamTask was launched with this goal in mind:  To provide a whole suite of community-based applications that would make building and managing online communities simple and intuitive.  We provide all of the most popular software such as discussion forums, calendar, wiki and blogs.  Communities can be large or small, public or private.

We specialize in helping small businesses get organized.  Using the Internet, project teams that are geographically distant can coordinate their efforts by organizing their projects using our service.  Projects can be created and tasks assigned to individuals.  Progress for each task can be tracked online and teams can communicate with each other through our community sites.