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Welcome to TeamTask! A free project manager and community website builder for small teams of people to collaborate on common tasks. This is an absolutely free and flexible service. Register now for your free account!
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TeamTask - Building Communities

Welcome to  The ultimate group collaboration site where you can build and host community-oriented websites.  Start a group today and enjoy the benefits of online collaboration tools such as discussion forums, calendar, wiki and blogs.

Whether you're a small business just starting out or a hobbyist.  Let us provide you with a complete community-oriented website for discussing ideas, strategies, business ideas or whatever interests you.  Your site can be custom-configured to meet your needs.

Once you create a group, you can make it open to anyone in the public to join or you can make a private group that can be joined by invitation only.  Promote your business, share your hobby and make new friends.  At TeamTask, it's all about community, wherer you can create an online meeting place to organize your group!